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Our dedicated professionals at our Speech Therapy Clinic in Forney, Texas are committed to strengthening communication skills and improving quality of life for individuals of all ages. We proudly provide comprehensive, personalized care targeted to individual speech and linguistic challenges.

What is Speech Therapy?

The field of speech therapy focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of speech and language disorders. We often see difficulties in articulation, fluency, voice, language comprehension, and social communication. Our Speech Therapy Clinic in Forney is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained professionals, ready to help improve each individual’s unique needs.

Speech Therapy Services

Diagnostic Evaluations

The first step to treatment is accurate and comprehensive diagnosis by a qualified speech therapist in Forney. Our professional speech pathologist conducts thorough assessments to identify an individual’s specific challenges. We then develop a personalized treatment plan to address the specific need(s).

Articulation Therapy

This type of therapy helps people struggling with pronunciation and speech sound disorders. Common ones are a lisp and “r” pronunciation.

Language Therapy

In language therapy, we address challenges in expression and comprehension. This includes vocabulary development, grammar, and comprehending both written and verbal instruction.

Fluency Therapy

Individuals faced with challenges such as stuttering or cluttering benefit from our specialized fluency therapy. This smooths the flow of speech.

Voice Therapy

For people struggling with voice disorders, voice therapy can help achieve optimal vocal health and quality communication.

Social Communication Skills

Language is a social tool, and its use in social settings is its own skill. We offer targeted interventions to enhance social communication skills and cultivate more successful interactions.

Speech Therapy Benefits

Whether or not you or a loved one might have a specific speech or language issue you want addressed, speech therapy can benefit you in ways you may not have considered.

The first and biggest benefit of speech therapy is improved communication skills. Indeed, this is the whole goal of speech therapy. Enhancing your communication skills leads to heightened confidence and independence in social, professional, and academic settings.

Raising and maintaining strong self-esteem is bolstered by overcoming challenges in speech and language. As communication skills improve, people can better express themselves and engage with others.

Social integration is easier with stronger essential social skills. This helps facilitate meaningful connections and relationships.

Academic performance and career advancement also become easier with speech therapy. For children, addressing challenges in speech and language early on can improve academic success. This is because better communication skills contribute to more successful reading, writing, and overall academic achievement. Similarly, in the workplace, improved communication skills – so-called “soft skills” – can positively impact career opportunities and advancement.

Speech Clinic Patients

We serve patients of all ages, with all sorts of speech and language concerns.

Adults in the workforce looking to strengthen their “soft skills” to more easily climb the corporate ladder will benefit from our targeted individualized plans. We will work with you to ensure your social communication is optimal and effective for your goals.

Some kids have a hard time learning to produce some of the sounds in English. The “r” sound is especially difficult for a lot of kids, and of course many have a lisp. There are also individualized challenges. Whatever sound your child is struggling to make, bring them in. We can help!

Language is governed by a very specific region of the brain and when something happens to damage that brain region, such as accident or stroke, language becomes impaired. The brain needs to be rewired and those sounds need to be relearned – which of course is frustrating for everyone involved. Working closely with a dedicated speech therapist will help tremendously.
We are here to help you all.
Whether you’re looking for a compassionate and patient pediatric speech therapist, a speech therapist to assist with language recovery after a stroke, or an intervention to strengthen existing speech skills, call on our speech clinic in Forney.

What You Will Find at Our
Speech Therapy Clinic in Forney

Licensed, experienced professionals

First and foremost, we are staffed with licensed and experienced professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality care.

Personalized treatment plan

We will create a personalized treatment plan for you. Every individual is unique and every speech issue is best addressed by a customized approach. Our speech therapists tailor treatment plans to address specific needs, ensuring the most effective outcomes.

Comprehensive service

You will receive comprehensive services at our speech therapy clinic in Forney. From diagnostic evaluations to ongoing therapy sessions, our full range of services addresses all speech and language challenges.

Quality pediatric care

Our professional pediatric speech therapists foster a warm and welcoming environment for children. Our enjoyable and engaging sessions help children improve.

Open patient communication and collaboration

We believe in open communication and collaboration with clients, their families, and other healthcare professionals as a critical element to ensuring a holistic therapeutic approach.
Speech Therapist Holly Steinke and our Speech Therapy Clinic in Forney are committed to empowering people to lead more fulfilling lives through more effective communication. If you or a loved one are faced with challenges in articulation, fluency, language development, or social communication, we are here to help. Our team provides personalized, compassionate care to help people improve their speech and language skills.

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